About Sterling and Ross Advisory

Since 1997 Sterling and Ross Advisory has been servicing global clients with an unblemished track record we believe in customer satisfaction and service. With a black box trading platform that is second to none. So if you are an individual or firm finding that with increasing regulation is eating up much of your profit. Does your profit from trade take a big hit from taxes? Is your portfolio ready for a change?

Internationalize yourself by physically setting up an offshore individual account,Corporate Account in Cayman Islands with Sterling and Ross Advisory S.A. In a offshore special economic zone, take advantage of Cayman’s zero tax regime. By trading with offshore investment company, ALL of this from this safe, stable and English-speaking British Overseas Territory, you will mitigate taxes, save money, and reach emerging markets. With no filing requirements, you will have more time to focus on the next exciting trade.

Sterling and Ross Advisory S.A. is committed to bringing offshore clients tax-free profits by facilitating trading and creating a true offshore commodities and derivatives professionalism with its extensive market infrastructure. The Government is pro-business, and here in Cayman you’ll find freedom from excessive regulation so your portfolio can thrive. We make it possible for your account to become more profitable in the global arena. Here you’ll get access to cheaper capital (Broker Guarantees) and increase your account value.

    Sterling and Ross Advisory for people interested in:

  • Financial services activities other than those conducted by monetary institutions, directly or indirectly related to commodities, derivatives, futures, and options.
  • Fund management and prop trading
  • Investment management
  • Physical electronic marketplaces for buying, selling ,options, or commodity contracts
  • We also provide special services for qualified clientele.

    Offshore Commodities & Derivatives & Benefits

  • 100% exempt from corporate, income and capital gains tax
  • 100% exempt from sales tax
  • 100% exempt from import duties
  • Fast-track set-up of all accounts
  • Minimal government regulation
  • World-Class Business & IT infrastructure
  • 2 Tier-3 data-centres

Sterling and Ross Advisory has been making winning trades for our clients for over a decade. We are able to offer real time Inter-bank foreign currency trading with tight spreads and instantaneous execution along with access to all types of commodity trading products with the added advantage of trading offshore for minimization of taxes.

We provide accounts for institutions and high net worth individuals as well as smaller retail clients. Please visit our services page for more detail.

Institutional accounts

We provide an award winning trading platform for institutional clients and banks wishing to gain access to the fastest trading environment in the world. The institutional platform allows 24 hour account access featuring real time quotes and free access to advanced charting.

Smaller retail accounts

For retail clients that do not meet the criteria for an institutional account, we offer retail trading accounts with balances as low as $10,000. Contact one of our brokers to setup an account or visit our account opening page.

Loss is a part of trading and should be expected whenever opening any investment account. Under no circumstance should any monies other than risk capital be used for trading in the foreign exchange market.