Domestic Risk

When you keep your money in a domestic bank you are vulnerable to a number of risks. The first is the fact that your government can access your bank account without your permission. If the state believes you owe it money,and you’re not willingly paying up,then it’s easy for the government to directly access your bank account and take the money while you are sleeping.

The biggest risk is the devaluation of your money. One of the most insidious things the state does is use monetary inflation as a way of paying for things that couldn’t be afforded. This constant inflation eats away at the value of any money you have saved and undermines it’s future purchasing power. When you bank domestically you are hostage to your government inflationary policies.

Offshore trading is often demonized in the media, which paints a picture of investors stashing their money with some illegal company located on an obscure Caribbean island where the tax rate is next to nothing. While it’s true that there will always be instances of shady offshore deals, the vast majority of offshore investing is perfectly legal. In fact, depending on your situation, offshore investing may offer you many advantages. Always do your homework and take into account all risks and advantages of doing business with an offshore entity. Sterling and Ross Advisory does clean business on a worldwide scale and is in accordance with all anti-terrorism policies at all times.