Managed Accounts

Limit your risk with a retail managed account

Have a highly skilled and experienced commodity and forex trader in your corner with a retail managed account. A retail managed account gives you access to the best knowledge of our traders and research department meant but with control firmly in your hands. Our brokers will advise you when to buy and when to sell. The minimum to open this account is only $10,000 enabling smaller retail clients the same benefits as institutional clients who are required to maintain a minimum account balance of $1,000,000.

Final decisions stay with the client

The final say will still be down to you, the client. Use the recommendations from our professional traders to guide you towards financial independence and success in the markets but with the security of making your own final decisions.

Risk Disclosure: Loss is a part of trading and should be expected whenever opening any investment account. Under no circumstance should any monies other than risk capital be used for trading in the foreign exchange market.