Offshore Advantage

Tax is always a bone of contention and most people believe that they are taxed at too high a level. Offshore trading enables investors to legally pay no tax on their trades through the use of offshore trading accounts and banking.

25% of the money in the world is held offshore

It is absolutely no coincidence that 25% of the money in the world is offshore. High net worth individuals and corporations have used offshore trading and banking structures for decades to minimize the amount of tax that they pay. There is nothing illegal about the use of offshore investment strategies and there is no reporting of profits made offshore to any domestic government entity.

Offshore investment enables investors to keep more of their profits

Sterling and Ross Advisory has been setting up offshore trading accounts for investors for more than a decade. Let our brokers advise you on how to legally keep your trading profits with you and maximise the world of offshore trading.

Risk Disclosure: Loss is a part of trading and should be expected whenever opening any investment account. Under no circumstance should any monies other than risk capital be used for trading in the foreign exchange market.