Spot Forex

Forex is the simultaneous exchange of the currency of one country for another. Investors in the foreign exchange market are looking to buy or sell one currency for another, hoping to make a profit when the values of these currencies change in the investors’ favor. Different factors, including world events and market news, cause these changes. The Forex market is part of the Interbank or bank-to-bank currency market whose 24 hour market basically follows the sun around the world.

Active Market

The Forex is in fact a very volatile market, one of the most active, volatile markets in the world with over $2 trillion dollars of turnover every day. More money trades in 1 hour in the Forex than all day in the stock market.

The foreign exchange market or Forex is the largest, most liquid market in the world and is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. With maximum trading hours, there is no after-hours trading in which you can not access your account and act accordingly. If the Market is open, you can trade it.

Now as far as getting started trading in the Forex market, we can now get you started trading with our new minimum buy in requirement as low as $5,000 USD for fully managed forex accounts. Sterling and Ross Advisory is bringing institutional trading to the masses by allowing smaller investors to work together on an institutional level. Now this is the key ingredient to getting started in this market because even with such a small amount, you can still get leverage of up to 100:1. Keep in mind that while this leverage can aid in attaining huge profits in this market obviously it can also move against you and it will magnify losses as well.

There are a lot of tools that a trader can utilize to trade this market successfully. Two of the most important tools are knowledge and experience – these happen to be two things that you can not purchase or acquire in one day. That is why we have an unparalleled professional money management team that is not only here to watch your upside but most importantly, try to the best of our ability to protect, at all times, the equity that we have invested in the market and therefore maintain accounts and create bonds that will last a lifetime, if not longer.

Risk Disclosure: Loss is a part of trading and should be expected whenever opening any investment account. Under no circumstance should any monies other than risk capital be used for trading in the foreign exchange market.