Spot Metals

Why people trade spot gold and silver:

  • To speculate on short- and/or long-term trading opportunities in a 24-hour market (Sunday 6:00 PM ET to Friday 5:00 PM ET)

  • To diversify their overall portfolio across different asset classes

  • Applying risk management as a hedge against market volatility and financial crises

  • No commissions, only the bid/offer spread

Why you should trade spot gold and silver with Sterling and Ross Advisory:

  • Sterling and Ross Advisory has powerful trading tools – Our advanced charting and technical analysis can help you anticipate market action and target more accurate potential entry and exit points.

  • Tighter spreads save you money – Sterling and Ross Advisory offers competitive dealing spreads, small contract sizes, and 1% margin requirements to help you make the most of all your trades.

  • Research you can count on – Our experienced research team provides robust market analysis you won’t find anywhere else, from real-time commentary to essential daily and weekly reports that summarize key market developments with an insightful perspective.

  • We support your pursuit – You can rely on our educational resources to help you learn more about trading spot gold and silver. Find out more about Spot Metal Basics or watch our Spot Gold and Silver video tutorial.

Risk Disclosure:
Loss is a part of trading and should be expected whenever opening any investment account. Under no circumstance should any monies other than risk capital be used for trading in the foreign exchange market.