WHY Sterling and Ross Advisory

One of the most important advantages of trading through Sterling and Ross Advisory, is that you now have access to institutional trading. Institutional traders get better pip spreads and rates over the retail traders and this is hardly surprising because they trade in bigger amounts and volumes.

Another advantage that institutional traders get is that many times their broker will let them know where most of the orders within their system are. This gives a great edge because it shows where the big money is leaning on. Sterling and Ross Advisory relies on the best BLACK BOX (Algorymic trading) platform attainable around the world with staff always on hand determining the effect on the markets. Sterling and Ross Advisory has one of the top research departments in the world to trade against the dealer’s API using internally developed and costly Algorythmic proprietary platforms.


Sterling and Ross Advisory would like to remind you that only risk capital is to be used at all times in trading. Foreign currency trading does involve a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors.